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HOW are all groups success full?

Why all SHG  is failure  to income ? Most of all SHG/pupil have been failed  to be self dependent.  Now they want cash  without labour. Subsidy without spot guidemake them lazy. Neighbors are dishonest. they have no any believed  selling agents, they have no idea ofinsurance They have no expert during business. They have no capacity of 2ndinvesting money . These are all cause of failure.

HOW is it possible toincome? This problem have been solved by JIIT .Alltraining  cum income cum ideality standhere on at first ,inspiration (see-P-13, gr-11,), 2nd participant( see-P-13collectve,  18 individual - ), 3rdinvesting - 3 system. And 3types 1)trainer making types ( at  KVAK) see P-14 -inspiring , P-15 participant, P-16 investing , 2)collective&individual type for common villagers 3) modified SHG(GSSG) group  types(see-P-11 inspiring, P-12 investing)

Govt “SHG”SELF HELP GROUP means=innovative jnan guide +SH=GSSG (gram suraksha swanirvor gosthi)i.e THE SHG who can be able to protect whole village, is called GSSG.1) SHG areformed with 12 pair post accompanied by their nearest male representative asco-assistant of the groups. These 12 pair posts are different responsibility todo success their business in return for scheduled remuneration & gettingpositiveno(+1) as PR.   2)If any one failto do their duties he/she will be punished negative no(-2) ,others can coverthat jobs by bonus double no.(+2), WHAT ISSCHEDULED  DUTY OF SEVERAL  PAIR(MALE+FEMALE)    POST-12 OF GR.  MEMBERS ?

A-)-FIMALE -12assistant  of grs  &MALE-12 representative of grs  as  coassistant jointly will maintain the post -12,thease posts are (president for clearing accounts to top -3 ofvillagers  who will  clear to Village observer, secretary will doranking of FR & PR , treasurer will maintain the routine of PR/FRseparately ) & their own  officialjobs,4-manager for maintaining the rutin&present on duties of various

Responsible post of 26comm.., 5)junio r KVK (agri ,horti,pisci ,nursery exotic bird ,etccultivate),6)junior trainer  of buying&selling dep, 7)junior training & maintaining of  ITC (ideality 5 schools),8) j. HHS (homelyhealth service (aurvedic local plant,vegitable,general knowledge),  9)j. VTC –vocational training &maintaining, 10)j. collector of money,land, man power 11)junior  SPOT trainer for awareness of  social activities Of govt /society   12)junior MST for humane right  &collecting the  information of  inability in respect of all social ,humane  right &unhygienic atmosphere& prevention

 3)  ON BASIS OF EDUCATION  & AGE ,THESE MALE REPRESENTATIVMALE AREPOSTED AT EIGHT  RESPONSIBLE COMMITTEESWHICH ARE COLLED AS  GR. CO-OPERATIVECOMM. for  guidance of griups ,    ---B--1.SUPREME COMM(EDUCATED, AGED BETWEEN40 TO 50  )WILL  LEAD THE RULES OF JIIT ,PROTECTION THE RULE, JUDGEMENT GETTING-O.66% INJNANBANTAN- 1/A,   AND  SAME TO OTHERS -----2  .  ISMAIL-SOLVATION COMM.(POLITICAL LEADER CAN JOIN HERE),   3----ACCOUNTANT OF BISUNESS  COMM. ,4---- AVVERTISEMENT & AWARNESS& CONTACT WITH PUBLIC. COMM.  5---GUIRD&PROTECTION  ASET OFBUSINESS,  6--- MOBILE REPORTER ONOATH  BREAKING ,  7-.ADVISER  of  jnanashram ,educated, aged 45-65 ,  8- GUEST above aged 55 .  (C)   1.TOP3, 2.TOP5, 3. TOP10 (M),4. TOP-10 (Female),                             (D) TOP-10  STRONGMEN  (F)   , ,. best 3  FOR WHIP, TOTAL=26 POSTS                                                                                                                                                                    

What initial processshould  have to be done here for selfhelp? At first there are  startedthe  ITC (ideality training center) with5 schools(see-p-8) of men ,women, child, youth & villagers for controllingtheir physical , mind  exercise  to be habituate of positive thoughts(M.D)& JIIT –theoretical training,  arerunning on.    1—SHG formation  2---GSSG formation that is called modifiedSHG (form -2),  3—to inform to every gr.Member(female & her male representative as co-assistant& co-operativecomm.) what  post &duties theyshall  have to maintain their SHGgr,  4—they will have sort term -businesscum training under ST-1 (See-P-13)/gr. Business(ST-4,see-p-11 )and they will get scheduled percentage in spite  of non participation for inspiration, 5-Theseabsence on PR/FR shall be adjusted in future ranking,6—(ST-1)/(ST-4) COLLECTIVE /GROUPWISE =BUSINESS TRAINING  are completely able to make understand  the all post &duties for villagers/Group members,7—It is very essentialthat( ST-6/7/8)-SPOT  TRAINER MAKINGBISUNESS TRAINING can make master of spot trainer (MST-12,) , thenJ.(MST-12,see-p-15) of groups at KVAK(agri, horti, psici,birds, any live stockanimal ,any vocational training cum business ,have been trained here) by thehelp of  EXPERTS of local BDO/NONGOVT  CONSERN . Next time , these  MST-12(,see-p-14) ,shall guide all over GP&block as usual. Then group &collective business  training shall strengthen all member in subject to individually participantST-2(see-p-18) & investing participant at ST-5(see-p-12)/ ST-3(see-p-20), these Guidance system will be ableto teach every body individually about self dependent in respect to money, physically& strong mind, .Then they shall get ABILITY- CERTIFICATE OF SELF DEPENDENT. then theymay get all scopes or any subsidy .Otherwise  all subsidy must be forfeited. They must belazy &   be afraid Of self dependent because of lack of proper guidance. Thus all negativethoughts are gathered in their mind. so, it s are best innovative system inworld to uplift our society

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