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  INSPIRATION  business training-1  (FECILITY upto 3 month in spite ofnon participant but  these absent s  are adjustable in future),  Next ST-1/A,        2.   PARTICIPANT in  individualbusiness  training ( WITH ACCOUNTINGREGISTER) CUM EARNING, CUM IDEALITY    3.PARTICIPANT in  individual business  . training ( WITH ACCOUNTING REGISTER) CUMEARNING, CUM IDEALITY CUM MONEY INVEST on individual business trainingBusiness training        (this system can prove that trainee areable to be self depended, then any subsidy may be given to them , after issuing  them ability - certificate.)                                                                                                                                                             

N:B –participant will invest 40% onacquirement money  40% from thesetraining, not from other  source, forgetting confident &getting50% in( ST-2) individually,/60% distributedequally to all investors in grST-5/trainerST-8


COLLECTIVE INSPIRATING SPOT  TRAINING   -1, 1/A (say, ideal profit  100%)  ---Zcomm./SAMPRITI MARMARTHA JNANASHRAM ( 3types top-5)  /LOCAL NGO-10% for villagedevelopment,                                                                 page-6

All villagers non participant also(equal distribution) for inspiration9.32%,land lord as partner(in addition to lease rate)1.3%,co-operative

Male in groups  6comm..3.96%,junior MST-12pair  female  5%,MST-12 pair male 5%,observer(village todistrict) 3.01%, state govt(if allow)/society

0.17 %, central govt(if allow)/society 0.016%,local NGO /Zcomm.forhonour special adviser aged(above55 to 65)-educated villagers 1,5%special

Stimulator aged  villagers0.8%                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Society/KVAK/ADJACENT 3 VILLAGES(if society invest) 30%,strongmen-35-(FR-5%,PR-5%),top 10 male-2%,top 10 female 3%,all villagers for

Attending at ideal school FR-15%,                                                                                                                                    ,                                                                                                                                              INDIVIDUAL PERTICIPANT SPOT TRAINING-2—(say, ideal profit  100%)  society(if invest)/distribution for inspiration of all(as ST—no- 1)/marmartha jnanashram-for business 12%, members ( comm.,2.women, 6 gr. comm., 4----35 strong men comm..)  at ITCgetting no80% ( FR-2.5X4 =10%, PR— 2.5X4=10%) for inspiration, TRAINEE ofindividual  business 40%for participationindividually ( trainee will get  leaserate of business for this individual business , other wise not havingparticipated, this 40% will be returned at S. M . JNANASHRAM  /KVAK) ,3 typestop-5(male,female,strongmen –these members of S. M. JNANASHRAM)-15% for competition TO EACH OTHER  on responsibility, 3types TOP-3 will get 5%for questioning vivek reader at ITC

Villagers( of unpaid  govt debt)10% for repayment by mutual policy to make good will to bank.

Investor is bound to do profit in INDIVIDUAL  INVESTING  ST- no -3,  for real self dependant—(say,ideal profit  100%)   --- members (men comm., women,co-operative 6grcomm.,35 strong men comm..)  at ITC getting no80% ( FR- 2.5X4=10%,PR—2.5X4=10%) for inspiration, COLLECTIVE INSPIRATING  SPOT  TRAINING  -1 for all support ers 20%,

,  TRAINEE of  INDIVIDUAL business  will get 50%for INVESTING  INDIVIDUALLY on their business includinglease rate of business LAND(not having invested, this 50% will be returnedat  S. M . JNANASHRAM for  ST -1,/kvak            PAGE-7

Villagers  PERTICIPANT (  unpaid govt debt )10% for repayment by mutual policy)/village development(hometreatment, tele medicine

N:B-This period is called as rick period ,because of that investor(investing 40% of previous acquirement 40%) will be bound to do the profit onlyTRAINING  ,  ST-3, ST—8.then they will  get the self depending certificate. then mayget   opportunity  of subsidy & others

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