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THIS IS ONLY ONE WAY TO MAKE SONAR BANLA. It is very essential for every body. what is this? THIS IS CALLED   IDEALITY-TECHNOLOGY.

.WHAT IS M.D (MARMARTA DHARMA)? This is not physical work in various ceremony but humane positive work(thought) . The  M.D  can empower mind which can change to humane organ from physical instrument. Here feeling is best policy to enrich mind. Then this mind will  influence the physical organs. The M.D find  positive one  & same  synopsis as inner meaning of all faiths & all saying of supermen. So it is only one who  can make unity in different religions .  M.D make mind airy  which intend to go upward &to  get pleasure  calm forever at a stress .the negative thought  always make the mind weighty which intend to go downward &feel grief ,dissatisfaction ,& will be continued in future. so, god is shown upward at unlimited powerful, invisible point, say -x, Mind is  powerful by thinking positive thought frequently. It is to say , man should be practiced to be hold  at that highest point.and should    be tried to feel pleasure which is coming from that point ( x). This is the way to be build the  high mind by feeling system. Every body is informed welcome to teach the M.D.The M.D is retaining purity on every mind. This M.D is a new logic. This innovative, unique, significant of M.D are accepted to all gladly. Different religions in world have to control their different rules into different faith. As result, there arise   different  argument into different faith. Perhaps, there are some unity ,some spiritual power to make pleasure. so, I  support these faiths to be very essential for the society                un doubtly. Yet, this  is to say, these faith is never  aim but also ways to reach the goal. At present ,perhaps, we have lost our aim into these various long restricted paths. Primarily ,at beginning as child hood of obtaining the faith, these restricted path is essential for one year maximum. ,then any one should have target to retain humane power & to make integrity in world ,to reach  the goal. All faiths are  a force of power in mind .Nothing rules can bind this force. This cleverness- policy can not be stable.  We are sure that these unfortunate people will be awakened by M.D. Some political  &  religion  leader   ,being  accompanied for their selfishness, they have change the route of faiths . Because of that, All general simple  people(99%) in   world have lost  aim. They remain  in various restriction. As result  they are now completely dependant. This  M.D CAN RESQUE THEIR INDEPENDENT .  lost previous aim is positive thought in mind. These lost positive powers  of M.D can be able to make good character in humane being. The  M.D is positive-powerful mind. This M.D is divine  as well as practical knowledge. M.D   was  un revealed,& mysterious  knowledge  which was buried under dip darkness of behind of that faiths.These M.D is  now  rescued from the behind of that faiths. So this  M.D thanks to all  faiths. The M.D have comprised  the interesting logics in to our common sense & common daily  routine. No body  else can make negative sense against  the innovative MARMARTHA DHARMA. This is innovative gnan system. All religions have been pleased to take that M.D. which is regaining from their own faiths. THIS IS  VERY SIMPLE,INTERESTING  SELF GAME OF MIND.The  M.D is scientific & very easy system to  hypnotize every body to be honest & good characteristics. All  religions have obeyed it.

This jnan system of M.D Should be published &discussed worldwide, basically by  the HELP OF  LOCAL BDO/non govt  concern         


Every body are requested to question themselves  why they obey this faith? What is profit ? The answer will be arised some positive thought. If you  don’t find any thing  ,then your time & activities never  help to you. Actually all faith should have humane power which  will strengthen your mind. These powerful mind  brings all success of our desire. So  everybody  will have to be  enough to obtain the” desiring- power” for self dependence by their powerful  mind. Now the way is  very essential , how to know the reason of traditional- faith. This is most profitable business in your life. This is   positive power & practical knowledge which can be able to strengthen the perfect concepts between mind & faiths. This is called  “JNAN”. This jnan is  a power which by character himself want to dissolve from human being . SO,This perfect conception should be hold by feeling &thinking permanently whole time & forever. This is called “DHYAN”. This is the way to be habituated mind. This powerful habituated mind have to transfer into practical power. Such as More tolking decrease the power ,or work more tolk less, Character is one’s indentity, face is the mirror of mind etc. Then physical instruments  are converted as humane organ by   attention  power . That attention power  being positive & pleasure, This is called “IDEALITY –TECHNOLOGY” . Without  mind all physical organ is called physical instruments.  Here is interesting logic .The negative thought create  power less mind . This is called  “SIN”. As a result there arise 4 anarchy. This is called result of  this  SIN .  such as 1) disease, 2)mourning, 3)grief, 4)disquiet. Every body should  never try  to impute other ,should try to identify themselves.  The  M,D. Make divine power in their character s by practicing( for 30 DAYS’COURSE at free cost) the innovative jnan   &  dhan., continuing  their own  faith.  This faith is a force which want to get  unlimited positive power as target by this way and this  force of mind can  make success of  way farer. So  this path is limited but target is unlimited mater. so ,every path is called as religion. But faith is called as purity.   THEN THEY MUST GET  PARMANENTLY  SOME PLEASURE & POSITIVE  PRACTICAL FEELINGS BY THIS  FAITH.–that is called  “VIRTUE” .The acquirement of virtue is common10 powers by which any one can  obtain 7 divine gift such as 1)HAPPYNESS,  2)PEACE  3)PLEASURE  4)LOVE  5)KNOWLEDGE  6)PURITY  7)POWER of mind,   The common10 powers are  -1)to tolerate  any obstruction, 2)power to adjustment  any sorrows ,mourns, 3)power to get over the objection 4) power  to  do perfect judgment ,5)power to do self identification ,6) power to assist to  other with selfless, 7)power to dissolve any harmful,, debating talks ,negative thought in mind, 8)power to create  intention to practice good habit, 9i)power to find positive thought in to any mystery. 10)power to take attention.----------------These will create good result ,to do success  in life( by science).& in rebirth(by logic)                                                                                               GNANRANJAN HALDER                                                                                                                          page--23                                                                                                               




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