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 “ D.H   SUB- --SRI RAMKRISHNA SOCIAL WEL FARESOCIETL & VLIBRARY “  have  an ashram named “ RAMKRISHNA –VIVEKANANDAMISSION  JNANASHRAM”  which operate every  “ –village name---  SAMPRITI  MARMARTHA JNANASHRAM”  at every village for making one  rupee’sideal village by  J-IIT—institution---“Jnaninstitute of ideality technology”.  This is a noble discovery  which have to teach to every villagers  how to be  healthy ,wealthy &wise. This “ RAMKRISHNA –VIVEKANANDAMISSION  JNANASHRAM” have three trainingcenters- 1) KVAK (krishivijnan application center), Here are runningagri,pisci, horti, nursery, exotic birds,gotary,poltri ,coloring, piggery, emubird, &general fish , 2) VTC ( vocational training center), Here arerunning solar training  vermin compost,stitching etc. 3) ITC (Ideality training center),Here are 5 schools.      Whatis ideality technology ? that is” MARMARTHA DHARMA” See page no -22 , What activities are here? The system  are made for each other. Every villager has  been included into different PR for theearning money & all are Practicing in  FR enough  to get blessing, calm, pleasure& allsucceed. Best result  have been done here  . JIIT-formula   is FR(Family rank)+PR(Personal responsibility)=IR(ideal rank)=Any opportunity (govt/nongovt).whatis aim ? 1st-to build good character, 2nd –to makepowerful mind which feel pleasure forever,&can be able to fulfil their ownselfless desire.It is very profitable practically. 3rd  to be self dependent  on echonomy.  Why is it technology? See-P-3, these aim willbe easily real to everybody be innovative techniques . Mind exercise iseffected on practical work,bodymovement.such as face is mirror ofmind,character is ones  identity etc.

JIIT –activities-----Jointly income with ideality training. Spot training cum income ( See page no11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18),  3TYPES innovativeBANTAN SYSTEM (See page no-21) What is PR?( See page no -19) PR is 25 personalresponsibilities on their several fixed duties cum several earning  to succeed SHGs  that is called as GSSG(gram surakshaswanirvar gosthi) See  page no--17. Whatis FR? that Sum of ranking of several member(women, gentlemen, child, youth) offamily in subject to thrice(1) presents at ITC(IDEAL 5 SCHOOLS),(2)answerin quiz contest, (3)behavior in life,is FR. sum of thrice are called  as FR. FR is Family Responsibility of mindpractice in ITC ,for  obtaining the poweras uninterruptible power supply(UPS) TO MAKE AN  IDEAL VILLAGE by UNITY,PURITY, & SELF DEPENDANT (See- page no—19 ). HERE IS ALLOWED  ONLY POSITIVE(+)thought  but  not any  NEGETIVE(-) MIND , BY JNANSYSTEM in M.D( See page no-22). Here various percentage on various responsibilitieshave been distributed because of seriousness on their own duties ,to get vast knowledgeof humane being & to take coaching in ITC( as FR  ranking ) to make honesty& most confidant, these are very essential here.

What initial prosessshould  have to be done here for selfhelp? At first there are  started the  ITC (ideality training center) with 5 schools(see-p-8)of men ,women, child, youth & villagers for controlling their physical ,mind  exercise  to be habituate of positive thoughts(M.D) &JIIT –theoretical training,  are runningon.    1—SHG formation  2---GSSG formation that is called modifiedSHG (form -2),  3—to inform to every gr.Member(female & her male representative as co-assistant& co-operativecomm.) what  post &duties they shall  have to maintain their SHG gr,  4—they will have sort term -business cumtraining under ST-1 (See-P-13)/gr. Business(ST-4,see-p-11 )and they will get scheduled percentage in spite  of non participation for inspiration, 5-Theseabsence on PR/FR shall be adjusted in future  ranking,6—(ST-1)/(ST-4) COLLECTIVE /GROUPWISE=BUSINESS TRAINING  are completely ableto make understand  the all  post &duties for villagers/Group members,7—Itis very essential that( ST-6/7/8)-SPOT  TRAINER MAKING BISUNESS TRAINING can makemaster of spot trainer (MST-12,) , then J.(MST-12,see-p-15) of groups at KVAK(agri,horti, psici,birds, any live stock animal ,any vocational training cum business,have been trained here) by the help of EXPERTS of local BDO/NON GOVT CONSERN . Next time , these MST-12(,see-p-14) ,shall guide all over GP& block as usual. Thengroup &collective business training  shall strengthen allmember in subject to individually participant ST-2(see-p-18) & investingparticipant at ST-5(see-p-12)/ ST-3(see-p-20), these Guidance system will be able to teach every body individuallyabout  self dependent in respectto money, physically& strong mind, . Then they shall get ABILITY-CERTIFICATE OF SELF DEPENDENT. then they may get all scopes or any subsidy .Otherwise  all subsidymust be forfeited. They must be lazy &  be afraidOf  self dependent because of lack of properguidance. Thus all negative thoughts are gathered in their mind. so, it s arebest innovative system in world to uplift our society.


JIITfor self dependant on earning & , controlling the powerful  mind ,by practicing  innovative  system (AN INTENTION GROWING SYSTEM--JIIT-“-JOINTLYINCOME  WITH IDEALITY    TECHNOLOGY”A NEW JNAN SYSTEM   FOR  ESTABLISHMENT THE CONNECTION  OF ECHONOMY  & IDEAlIT Y  see pageno-11 to 18                           

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