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onerupee ideal village , one rupee means 16 aana , means 16 kala ,,means                                                                                                                                                                          

16idealities.., which are syllabus under training of this schools such as(1.learning&writing,2.humane behavior,,  survive  goodly,4.tochange the old  by better policy, make other best from evil,                                      makehealthy by awareness,7. To be always pleasure-not excitement,8.advertisement&contact,9.leading&observation,10.dissolvingany

Evilcoming from out site, built good character from evil to goodness,12.topractice &to teach the positive thought & avoid negative thought,13.todemand for                     

Altruism, not to selfishness(this is the best policy to bettergain scientifically proof), more talk less by their severalresponsibility, maintain Administration calmly & honestly with equaldignity.,16 . to be obedient, not to order, to maintain leader ship throughperfect & 3 in one concept(By mind, by sound, by work done_) that is called  PURITY.

            instead of subsidy, GOVT will investment(interest-1%),return in 12 years  ,help of expert under local  BDO.,help of insurance ,selling                                       page-3                                  

                                                                                                                                      P                                                                                              Powerof        divine knowledge,                                                                                                                  BY  BDO/NON GOVT . CONCERN                            have been represented  lively on physical organ as mirror, withpositive ,powerful feelings. Then we feel airy that is called pleasure, gladness.                                                                                                                                                                       

 On the other hand ,these organ always   show like as dehumanizing, lifeless  instrumental activities. these miracle changeof out sided  instrumental organs  by positive thought is called ideality .Thisnew concept  in  system is called  TECHNOLOGY.








ENERGY IS COMING TO HUMANE BEING, FILLED AS   SUPREME,HIGHEST,UNLIMITED  ,POWERFUL,INVISIBLE,CALMFUL,BRIGHT FULL WHITEN LIGHT COMING FROM  THAT POINT through the project "One Rupee - IdealVillage" an innovative Gnan System invented by Gnanranjan Halder of"D/H Sri Ramkrishna Social Welfare Society& Library"All religions' believers have last target togo at same suprime point which means same significance by different holy books.Innovative practical knowledge through pranayam supports allbelieve of all religions.Mind controlling power have been appliedhere .Our main target for empowerment of humane character already have beenincreased successfully to  villagers, by FR ranking in 5 running ideal schools.theyhave developed their  different responsibility on theirduties by PR ranking system in "JIIT".Such as 15%distributed toall students according to FR under ST no-1,etc. Idea villagers getting80%ranking on PR/FR,have to get BONUS(10%+10%) under SPOT TRAINING-2/SPOTINVESTING TRAINING-3,FOR EAGERNESS & INSPIRATION.In this way,maximum poor villagers attend here forearning&learning business. Then they have boundly practised throughpranayam to withdraw negative points, to doattachment positive points in their behaviour, to enrich , to be powerful theirmind that can be able to be succeeded their realactivities, .This habituat character have made them humane behaviour.  -----()

1/ GSSG groups for the protection of village,haveincluded already above 9O% family. In respect of success andimplementation, the self group (SHG)   of the village NAMEDRAMKTISHNAPUR,sansad no-4 have been supervised as formation of G.S.S.G knowledge for protection  of  self-help group.Sothe ramkrishnapur village have been  declared as an one rupee's idealvillage.

2/ GSSG is an ideal groups to makes an idealvillage ,have been  constructed by based five pillars, 1st pillar is Humanity by practising in controlling the energy of mind, 2nd pillar is Administration, by maintaining rule & regulation at home&mother land to statethrough practising way, 3rd pillar is Economy, by spot training  cumearning  cum ideality, for self dependent with ability through collective spot training no-1/2/group ST no--4/ST no-6/7, spot investing training(SIT)no- 3/GROUP no- 5/ ST no--8,  4th pillar is Socialism by altruism system & made for each other, saying not negative&not protestingwithout solution, 5th pillar is Nationalism by internationalintegration through spiritual knowledge & sustaininggood relation to each other&developing  all site through humane being.

1st pillar will be stand on love,faith,sacrifice, dedication, forgiveness & surrender throughnew testament of Bible.

2nd pillar will be stand 10 commandment like asrespective we are parent, love your nabour, do not hate any other,give tit nee, do not tell a lie,do not thieve.

3rd pillar will be stand protect land & water thatmeans as used land & water do usable animal & birdsplant agriculture, fishery, cottage industry etc.

4th pillar will be stand a) moral character b) social awareness c) good behavior d) Unitedly movement e)good fellowship f) salvation throughmutual policy by the villagers g)respect to keep your commitment h) topractice meditation regularly by the villagers (women, child &oldman)

5th pillar stand by a) respectthe National leaders who are dedicated twist life for ourcountry b) to promote cultural sports programamong the young boys & girls of the village c) our Indian culture&cultivation to Atharbabeda Ayurbedic plantation, cultivation &treatment for the benefit of the people d) to follow the our spiritualleader through meditation prayer, won ship, Namaj etc. e) open education forchild awareness f) youth awareness.


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