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An Innovative training programme to make real man and to develop humane and economic society

‘Diamond Harbour Sub-Division Sri Ramkrishna SocialWelfare Society & Library’ create an Institution named ‘RamkrishnaVivekananda Mission Jnanashram’ who organize a project ‘OTHO  JAGO ATHMA  NIRVOR  HAO’.

This project run through Jnan system which skillthree purpose.  (a) one is idealism, (b)absolute self supported and (c) to get unity for peace by GSSG which ismodified from SHG.

It is best ethics for young stage(BEYS).  This ‘Jnan system’ is to beestablish to ideal village with real socialistic patter of democraticsovereignty.

Specialty :

(i)                Theproject always deny any unethical subsidy of government or non-Govt. becausethis subsidy handicap more and more people. Any financial help will be acceptance through proper project system.

(ii)              Theproject  compel to involve any body evenalso un-social people, lazy youth, land less, money less people with equaldignity, to make absolute self supported.

Source of Money at Present :

(i)                Tosolicit for funding door to door of villagers in every month.

(ii)              Partdonation of labours (members)

(iii)            Proceedsof Vivek Garden of Rs.7,48,550.00

(iv)            contributionof members Rs. 2,60,000.00

(v)              Donationof ‘Kakdwip Maternity and Nursing Home.’ Rs4,900.00

(vi)            Subcription–Rs.2,500.00

(vii)          Contributionof beneficiary –Rs 75,500.00



 i.g. ‘ariseawake & be self supported’ can be

able to encourage & influence to young stage andthe project habilitate to remove the poverty of down trodden villagersproviding training of  (i) spiritual ii)human iii) social psychology iv) scince on village development v) economic(gramin joint business) vi) patriotism vii) discipline viii) EYMS-(exercise inyogo meditation & sports) and also vocational training facility underinnovative process through schedule syllabus of 5 Vivek Schools to makevillagers as ideal people.

This is only one project which can be able to purifythe damaged society.  RamkrishnaVivekananda Mission Jnanashram, of which member, have no any specific orspecial honorable post but they have same dignity, obtaining their differentresponsibility.

The Jnanashram can be able to develop economic sideof villagers prospering the unity details on page no. 64A. 

Dhyan, Yoga and vivek culture already have beenstarted in every evening at our project office.

Target :

After harvesting for 5 years through the project,every family can easily get Rs. 10000/- p.m. average according to acquirementof the Vivek family Rank (FR) and personal responsibility (PR) in a booth.

Next Source ofMoney :  To link up bank facility.

Socialistic Target:  All poor people will come to get together atlast through scheduled disciplined way to get peace and upliftment themselvesin a booth and booth wise it will spread naturally organized by “       mission Jnanshram” under head officenamed Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission Jnanashram. Throughout India by deferentmethod in deferent atmosphere on supervising of parent society.

Subject :

(i)                Howthe landless labour will get land through lease system.

(ii)              Howthey will acquire their partnership business and training programme.

(iii)            Howthey will get training for financial help and strength of mind.

(iv)            Howthey will habilitate to develop their character on idealism.

(v)              Howthey will be united for ideal village.

(vi)            Howthey will be self supported.

The above project have beenstarted on and from 12-01-2012 to make ideal village ‘Ramkrishnapur’  The project have been celebrated formally atKakdwip Manturam Pakhira, M.L.A, on 01-05-2012. This project have been inaugurated by local BDO, Sevananda Panda, Kulpion 09-09-2012 Ramkrishnapur High School. At present of local MLA kulpi Mr. JogoranjanHalder & others. Now local MLA get practice quarterly visit to fallow thegroup of uplipment of the project.

Project – “Otho, Jago, Athma Nirvar Hao”

Aim-To Make an Idealvillage, to transfer and establish the project to another villages,

to success any GOVTplanning of awareness and vocational training by

completing any gaps orco-ordination


What is Eco-socio condition of theProject :

The Project is running on maintwo condition – (1) Society never take any money from public by condition butany GOVT project can be run by the society. (2) All income of this project ofJnanashram will be distributed to all villagers as partner with equal dignityaccording to innovative Jnan Bantan System. (3) any GOVT project cannotbe run by the “Ramkrishna Vivekananda Mission Jnanashram”. This Jnanashramitself is a complete system as innovative project which is able to success anyGOVT steps. All are running by expense Rs 22875 beneficiary family of no 50contribute Rs 75500. They have get loan with free interest Rs 6,60,000

Whatis the Best way to success the Project ?

1.                 Habit is the best policy – thisproject is running through the best way which habituate all villagers regardingthe Vivek routine and making Vivek rank. Serially all families have been Markedpositive or negative points by election on idealism according to prashikhan-Gno project page No. 60D.

2.                 Partnership business of allvillagers involved on basis of idealism.

3.                 Profit money distributed on basisof obtaining the family’s rank serial number-page 60E. and obtaining Percentageon personal responsibility. Project page 106

4.                 Formation of GSSG, innovation Groupwith male and female obtain their separate responsibilities (Page – 52). Formaking JSSG i.e. Jnan Surakhsma Swanirvar Gram (Ideal Village).


Founderof the project and chief functionary – Sri Gnan Ranjan Halderis trying to build a master plane to get a base of grateful unity in everyvillage for peace and development. In this innovative process declared as(BEYS) the “Best ethics for youngstage” in the world on the subject 1) spiritual 2) human 3) Social 4) Economical5) science 6) Nationalism 7) Administrative 8) to control self mind &health as our demand based in the area, called “Best either for young stage(BEYS) in world. At a glance, the project details and syllabus are found onproject page – 63, 64

PRAYER– prayer to all knowledge full people on that subject, who willing by attendhere to enrich the system.

VIVEKCELEBRATION :- five villagers with best characterdifferently, influenced on village society, have been celebrated with cloth& certificate on 24 Dec 2015.


Objective : To constitute “onerupee model villages, to make golden West Bengal”, to pray with holisticoath of human conscience from Vedas, to accumulate and organize the GSSG (GramSurakhma Swanivar Group) on behalf of coessential culture as well as toorganize spot training to the villages and villagers. Three GSSG have been banklink at UBI, Kulpi and goodly operated.

1)     Donor of land as a friend ofvillage & landless labour jointly process (a) Establishment of equaldignity, (b) All properties are equal to all (c) All laboures are all owners bylease system. (d) GSSG formation is completed on project page No. – 52

To make a ideal village, to get unity with allvillagers with this (new and amazing) innovative system, the Process of “onebusiness of all partners of villagers”. It is necessarily continuing undersuper special committee based on education and age details in below.

2)     With guard guide awareness, GSSG asvillage-well-protection prospers and it is completely self supported groups.(a) Both male & female’s together, taking separate responsibilities to eachother by formation of an association. (b) To appoint two managers to control thesystem and to act as spot trainers both - 1 male & female with educationalqualification – (VIII Class) under aged 50. Land giver (donor) is nominated asGSSG group member entitled to as “village friend”. (c) Formation of “strong mancommittee” taking 5 nos. as para wise male member, under aged 50, of groups forprotection the assets, (d) To appoint spot trainer for arrangement to conducttraining (e) To give well protection and well administration of the said groupsit had been formed 6 nos. “Jnan Committee” by male members on the basis oftaking responsibilities to each other separately as a co assist group. (f)Disbursement of “Bonus” system is in continuation of group. (g) Complete systemof disbursement of enterprising is also in continuation. (h) Methods ofmanagement directed by the “best ten for women committee under aged 45 with class(viii) passed” (i) conduct of training of best Ten man committee, under aged 50with madhyami passed, under observation of controller committee appointeddirectly by parent society. (j) To advise by formation of best advisorycommittee. (k) Z committee (village direction committee), (l) Model villagf\ecommittee. (m) Ideal Banga committee, (n) Village observer, (o) Gram Panchayatobserved. (p) R.P. (q) Block observer, (r) District observer (s) Chief Districtobserver, (t) Project chief advisory committee constituted in this project. Incase of 30% family of village to be engaged in GSSG, that village is to becalled as JSSG (Jnan Suraksha Swanirvar gram).


3)     MeditationRaj yog and Awareness System : Almost efforts areongoing by daily exercising and to make regular practices on the basis offollowing syllabus to reproduce systematically in the practical field, tocentre the motivation of swamiji’s idealism & spiritualism and meditation.(a) To distribute and setup of different posters, permanently publicity throughmike announcement at Jnanashram, valuable booklets containing 122 pages tofacilitate for study to the villagers which are returnable sustem comtinuing byexpense Rs. 22975 and extend more two vivek school: one of them, idealresponsibility vivek school-4, other one is self controlling mind & healthvivek school-5  (b) To come in contact tothe people directly to show or hear DVD player with acting cassettes fromhabitation to habitation as well as to act street play to deliver recitation,street corner camp and Rickshaw van expedite around the area. (c) As per weeklyconscientious routine, called as a weekly Vivek Routine “Mukta Shiksa Jnan MahaVidyalaya” which has been continuing by Jnanashram, where to cultivateknowledge to meditate mind to exercise, to habituate holistic oath daily atdown 4:30 to 5:45 am for the children and student under participating no 100  vivek school (1), weakly at noon on Friday& Sunday in case of women with participation no 70 under vivek school runningby expense Rs 35525 (2) and in the evening 6 to 8 p.m, participant no 50 of themale candidates under vivek school running by expenses  (3) are in regular practicing of attendance andto stand up in prayer involved in holistic Vedic oath study, in details onproject page 65, conscientious culture, practicing pranayam Yoga Culture,Ayurvedic influence & use and in daily practices about farming. All aremaintaining in register khata and resolution khata.


Dr. Himadri Paul (ACMOH) at kakdwip


The systemspreading to another Village : Ideality parameterunder Systematic election method (Prashikshna – (G) Delails in project pageno-60D, are taken well arrangement. Our main goal is to make the villagersunder exercise and practices of ideal qualities to make real humanity. (a) Onthe subject for socialism and human matters, of each villager’s activities arewritten good works for wealthy (positive) mark and bad works show (negative)mark.

Register khata make ranks familywise to acquire the marking number under maintenance of weekly regards. (b) Asper vivek routine and accordance with rate of presence of male, female &children of whole families under the three Vivek schools, on rank of familiesof village, money of income is distributed. Under this information according toeligibility of educational qualification, essential post have been formed as“Group Spot Trainer” & manager with class eight passed “Best 10 ManCommittee” as master trainer, with educational qualification class madhyamik.They will be aged below 50 years old. Its best 10 man committee have fullresponsible to transfer and to imply every system of this project to anothersurrounding neighborhood  3 villages. Atthat time Best 10 women committee will control their own 1stvillage. This “Best 10 man committee” will be permanently “advisor committee”of next three another 2nd, 3rd, 4th by “Best10 man committee,” 30% will be deducted on total income of these “Best 10 mancommittees” and 1st “Best 10 man committee” will get this deductedmoney permanently. Next will go as same way In details on project page - 48. Bythe by, every member of these committee will be stay here on renewal basis inevery year according to FR (Family Rank) and PR (Personal Responsibility)

5)     Vivek fund is possible created inco-operation and collaboration with villagers as Vivek member under supervisionof creator, trainer, Gnana Ranjan Halder (Phone No. – 7797300231) underauthorization of the parent society according to demand, nature and place.Efforts are being created at Krishi Vijnan Application Kendra (KVAK), by theirown farming of ornamental fish culture fisheries of business amount Rs 39375and income Rs 2,20,000 expense Rs 1,42,550. agriculture, Veterinary Crops,corns, vegetables harvesting by compound organic manure, mushroom, vermicompostproduction of costing Rs50,000/- and income Rs 2,50,000/- cottage industriesetc. continuing under method of (a) Humanitism, (b) Socialism (c) Nationalism(d) Administering (e) Strong economy, because of building the best of ourvillage sociality.

6)     In co-operation, co-ordinationunder D/H Sub. Sri Ramkrishna Social Welfare Society & Library a Trainingcentre named “Vivekananda Krishi VijnanApplication Kendra” (KVAK) have been made at Ramkrishnapur taking area 10bigha. Under krishi vijnan centre & vocational training centre (KVC &VTC) All extracted money are operated in parent society’s main accountA/C-414510110001729. Some of this money can transfer to Jnanashram’s ownaccount i.e “Y” Block Project account A/C-0785010210270 for investment into RamkrishnaVivekananda Mission Jnanashram. On the other hand, all proceds of Jnanashramare deposited to same a :Y: account directly, Mixed harvesting knowledgeand innovative vocational training method is in continuation. For theprogress of health & education – Mukta Shikhsma Gnan Vidyalaya is createdand Charitable dispensary of the parent society is being run.

(a)Ayuravedic (Medicinal Plants) farming, (b) Hometreatment, (c) Telemedicine, (d) Ambulance service of 20 person at free cost(e) Awareness camp for women, (f) Youth awareness programme (g) Homeopathies,Ayurvedic & Allopathic charible Dispensary (expense of Rs 22,675) . (h)Established library where study & teaching is ongoing door to door bydifferent reputed writers specialy onfarming & patriotism, spiritual, aswell as giving out farming study culture, (j) Financial assistance tointellectual destitute students obtaining 70% marks. Two poor student regularlyhave been supported monthly 1000 and Rs.500 (k) Training for children ongrowing facility and revealing talents, (l) Training for ideal villagers andimprovement of socio-economic status. 150 villagers have to attend at  ideal villagers vivek school-3, idealresponsibility vivek school-4.

7)     In case of non-availability ofGovernment assistance the villager - participants as viveklabour members willget daily working labour wages according to their work continuing program schedulethrough Graming Partner Business by Bank Loan in aspect this, newly hereis created “shrama Bank” and “Krishi Bank” under “Mukts ShikshaGnan Vidyalaya” continuing program on basis of percentage of presence in vivekroutine and on the basis of habit of holistic oath and its maintaining in thierreal life, which effected on Weekly Vivek Election. Each family can earnalmost Rs. 10,000/- per month, after 5 years by cultivating and purifying theunused land and dirty pond. Now we are starting to build economic model calledas “Vivek Garden” where yearly 10 lacks income prospered in 2 (two) Bighadetails on project page – 64(A). jnan Maha Bidyalaya and its three Vivek schoolare situated temporarily at Ramkrishnapur High School on rural place.

8)     On account of everage of presencein vivek culture, every member as included Vivek culture as he getsdisbursement of money and preservation of designation by average calculatingRate of presence of family on 5 categories – (a) Male (vivek school – 3) for anideal villager program cost in 24,750 (b) Female (vivek school – 2) for idealnon chetana program cost Rs 26,875 (c) Children (vivek school – 1) program costRs 22,875.00 4) Obtaining numbers in ideal vivek election (Prashikshan-G).(project Page – 60D). Register have been maintaining in continuation.

9)     Regarding “Economic Constitutionof Model Village” it is basically formed and ascertained under the basis ofthree categories of maintenance of account ig. “x” accounts indicating “GroupAccount” “y” accounts indicating  “ParentSociety & Block Project account of Jnansharam, or Group, or as a indirectlyjoint account. Z accounts indicate “Root & Independent accounts underparent society. Its clearly declared on the project page – 45 to 48. Under“Otto Jago Atmanirvor Hao” project of Ramkrishna Vivekananda mission Jnanasham,which is trend to make some realityaccording to thought of Swamiji.

All the extracted money of agricultural horticultureetc.  From “Graming PartnershipBusiness” are deposited to “Y” Jnanashram account or Block project accountat present in Kulpi Block. Y account which is – A/c No.-0785010210270. IFSCCode UTBI0KPIC29 at the end of the year, by calculating dues amount for smallbusiness enterprise of the villagers through preparation of resolution, it isdeposited one copy to the Bank, another copy to the parent society withrecommendation by the village observer himself. Then parent society give thechaque to village observer for withdrawal of same money. As the society takesresponsibility as “Guarantor” for all, society will take B20% on Guaranteedmoney (Bank loan / Private loan)any one can take this facility. Deducting all,on next 1st  (A1) nit profitor from initial money, yearly (F) 20% of the investment money is to be deductedas repayment. As profit (A) same 20% in Y account. But dues of others of thevillage will be retained to the X group account or W personal account or overhand as share money. In details on page – 44(3) of this project. This systemare in continuation in this year by supervision of Jnan Ranjan Halder, founder secretaryit is started. Wait economic target-yearly 3 core in a village after 5thyears Cultivation by Bank loan. Details on Page – 64(A)

10)    Theprocessing how “self supported” would be acquired really: The laboures(Vivek Member) would get money through involvement of works for continuingprogram whole year long, Getting equal dignity to be constituted in modelvillage under the roof of union among the rich and poor.

1.     The project habilitates toestablish the well and proper Mutual System in remote village due to avoid somecare from police or court. The is called as “Gramin Mutual  Vivek Adalath”details in project Page no.- 97A, 97B which has been displayed on flex and handbill.

2.     “Problem shared jointly solutionsystem” is in constitution of project which has been purifying the uncultivatedfellow, dirty pond and cultivate here by lease and this project makes vivekfund for all villagers. The system details in project page no-this has beendisplayed on fiex and on hand bill

3.     Survey report with register khatacontaining 52 types of whole status of village including every family also aremaintained details in project page no – 54.

4.     Aurvedic plant using for preventionof debases and cultivate it for income training is being continued details inproject page No.-55 to 58 displayed by everywhere on flex and on hand bill.

5.     Election of idealism for best 10committee or ranking on mark basis to every family good system is inconstitution of project, details page no.-60D displayed on flex and on handbill.

6.     Moving library’s selected books issent to villager’s home, details page no-59 which has been displayed on flexand on hand bill.

7.     Lease agreement form is inconstitution details page no.-61.

8.     Income generating planning how toincome 10 lacs rupees by cultivation on 2 bighs, details in project pageno.-62, 64 (A) displayed by flex and on hand bill.

9.     Display of weekly vivek routinedetails in project page no 60A/60B.

10.  Displayon flex of oath syllabus – 65.

11.  Displayon flex for purifying the society directed by Swamiji, page 66A/66B.

12.  Displayof application to public get together, page No.-67.

13.  Displayphoto copy on flex 5 villagers along with their poverty and honesty. They arecelebrated by Vivek Prize, details on page No.-68.

14.  Vivekchetona Rath Jatra, displayed on flex, Page – 70.

15.  SharmaBank, Krishi Bank, emergency fund, pathshala for poor student, displayed foradvertisement to flex.

16.   Aim of project displayed on flex-page – 71.

17.             quotesof Swamijee, other great man, displayed on flex, page no. 72 to 80.

18.             Ayurvedicplants on cultivation as using, displayed on flex, page no – 81

19.             KrishiBijnan application Kendra (KBAK) displayed on flex, page no. 82 / 83

20.             Purificationthe dirty pond, uncultivated land and beautification of dirty cannel everythingdisplayed on flex for awareness, page no. 84 to 87

21.             Somehand bill for awareness of (a) social, (b) humane, (c) economic, (d)administrating, (e) nationalism, page no. 88 to 92.

22.             Somepostering for awareness or purifying the village, continuing program,  page no. 93 to 96.

23.             Prashiksha– I displayed on flex for training the villagers about how to spread andestablish on other neighborhood village, page no. 48

24.             Gnanbantam system displayed on flex for teaching villagers, page no – 46

25.             Allactivities are in cassettes, again & again all villagers rallied ambulatedmake unity in the village, DVD player are displayed in every Friday and Sundayof a week for training the various cultivation for developing their livelihood,on page (64A)

26.             VivekCard distribution to villager (Page 97)

27.             AnyIshmaely or Joint property “Problem-Solution”. Continuing program, Page 97 C

11)     To make a ideal villages as well as SonarBangla :  the parent society named ‘D/Hsubdivision Sri Ramkrishna Social Welfare Society & Library have launchedthis private project under supervision of Ramkrishna Vivekananda MissionJnanshram which is directly conducted by villagers obtaining separate Bankaccount of parent society.  I, as afounder Secretary, Jnanranjan Halder have a expectation, this is the bestsystem to progress the India.

12)     It is required for (a) training (b) courage(c) Money.  It is emerged for conduct ofthree types of training:

(1) Process for distribution and awareness, capacitybuilding for circulation of growing knowledge, education (2) Process of ‘SpotTraining’ under maintains of definite syllabus (3) to constitute model villagewith one rupee note i.e. Analysis of Vivekananda speeches, taking ofOaths,  study culture at library, studyof great men’s book and to learn by innovative technological farming books,livelihood under national integration on behalf of Vivek culture.

2) To acquire as self supported:  by equality with rich and poor dignityof labours.  In Vivek GSSG group all therich and the poor are all members and for taking separate responsibilitiesdirectly or indirectly all are labourers and all are owners for the products ofland production.  Members partners ofGSSG are declared as all the owners of all properties as per taking under leasesystem.  This partners / owners /labouries.  In case of extra / overtimelabour and women also can get Rs. 20/- per hour.  Otherwise male partners get Rs. 30/- perhour.  The wages are determined accordingto weight of the collected products under conditional.  After conducting 3 types, spot training’sprocess in details in project page – 47A, the landless / labourers by acquiringland, finance, courage after 3 years, each or every partners members would getself sufficiency independently, without taking any dependence from the parentsociety.  Then every villagers even inloss of landless will get self-supported and become the absolute ownership oftheir earning of money.

13) The organization has undertakenpisciculture undertaking 3 nos. of big ponds on agreement base as ongoingprogramme benefited a lot of fishermen and day labors’ with high fishesproduction raise the organizational fund. The ornamental fish culture is also formed under supervision andtraining.

14) The organization also engaged in farming with horticulture withdifferent fruits and papayas as 3000 nos. of plants have been planted in &around 4 bighas of land grown high production of fruits and papayas.

15) Shishu Bikash Pratisthan is ongoing programme for children educationfacility to reveal the dormant talents of them as encouraged in the pratisthanstarted at 4.45 at dawn and ended at 5:45. with almost student no. 120 presenting in every day morning according toregister.  In the purpose of nutrition ofthem, expenditure of cost 150/- per day is expensed by beging of Vivek Members.

In the name of Vivek Pratisthan 3 such schools areongoing where with prayer song ‘Dhana Dhanye Puspe Bhara’ – starts oathfestivals, yoga culture for women & children grown education with 100%bright achievement results.

For the promotion andestablishment of environment the organizational volunteers, staff are engagedin cleaning of dirty ponds and canals where farming of chestnut (Panifal) orpisciculture is ongoing programme by their port labour donation.


16)  Self depending processes under 4 nos.categories :

  1. Absolute dependents to the society as Collective Training. Continuing program All the money, liability, guarantee, depends on society.  As a result of economy share holder (Trainees) will get shares.
  2. Absolute dependant to the society as ‘One Unit Training’.  All the money, liability, guarantee, depends on the society, as a results of economy share holder (Trainee) will get share according to innovative economy method through ‘Gnan Bantan Process’.
  3. Some of the self supported, as one unit based training and the trainee will contribute, some lands, some money for their own business and the remainder requirements will be contributed by the society.  Share distribution will be made through ‘GNAN COMMITTEE  BANTAN  PROCESS’ and Gnan Member Bantan Process, details on project page 49 / 1, 100 & 101.
  4. Absolute self dependant GSSG (Gram Surakha Swanirvar Gosti) : after completion of the above 3 nos. categories training programmes.  The group of GSSG can be absolute self supported through acquiring land by lease method, knowledge’s, courage, finance. 
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