Secratary Desk

There is a story about a skipper in a round-the-world yacht race, who, whenever a crew member asked him if they could take a rest day. Would reply: “Will it make the ship go faster?” that was his touchstone.

DIAMOND HARBOUR SUB-DIVISION SRI RAMKRISHNA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY AND LIBRARY (DHS-DSRSWSL) has never been just a single community organization.Promoting the work of our organization. It always was, and remains , a platform supporting a multiplicity of voices from civil society communities, big and small, gathered around the most critical issues affecting the human family.


We are delighted, therefore, that our civil society partnership has expanded of not being mere a single organization we are developing in to a real integrated developmental agency by incorporating into a network of social development agencies.


Since we can make the greatest difference where people have the greatest need, we target the vast majority of our helping the disadvantaged communities where we can provide people with access to greater social and economic opportunities in the rural sectors.


Over the last two years we’ve redefined our programs and introduced a new set of initiatives. In particular, last year’s we had established programs and consistent approaches to development in education and communities. We examined the best practices from within our organization. We harness the strengths of each – in external program directions and internal processes. We put in place anew platform that builds on our rich cultural heritage and positions us well for the needs of the 21st century.


Many of these programs are beginning to bear fruit. We are increasing income generation programmes for employment for the people who previously have lacked employable skills: we are bringing young people who may have missed out on exciting opportunities into higher education and technical fields; we are facilitating the creation and growth of small businesses that enhance the quality of life in communities; and we’re forming “learning communities” of grant recipients that come together to learn from each other, share best practices and further common goals to drive systemic improvements in education,community and economic development including basic health practice.


We do much of this good work through the selfless contributions of our employees.As volunteers in schools and community organization, as contributors to our non-profitable giving and programs, as valued decision-makers who assist with the sharing of our resources, our people every day unleash their potential in service of our communities. 

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